Pudding Stone Frogs

A Knot of Puddingstone Anura

At night, the steady vocalizations of grey tree frogs abound in the forests of Roxbury.

Frog in progress

But step through the looking glass of day and discover a knot of anura playfully tucked beneath a maple tree on a pond of puddingstone.

Like their smaller relatives, the grey tree frogs, these enchanted frogs strike a statuesque pose as predators draw near.

They sit frozen in space and time, inviting all who stumble upon them to do the same – embrace the suspension – walk into Wonderland.

Unlike their smaller relatives who feast on shooflies and grasshoppers, these fantastical frogs did eat of Alice’s cake and decided to forgo the drink to remain forever transformed and transfixed upon their rocky lily pad.

Carefully camouflaged, their backsides capture the richly variegated nature of the puddingstone pad – a complex intermixture of argillite and sandstone. While an underbelly of high-polish stainless steel mirrors the intricacies of the rocky pebble and cobble surface beneath them.

Frog blog 4

Catch the steely stare of an anura, and overcome the initial startle of intimidation to recognize the reflection of the surrounding vegetation and plants inside the greenhouse nearby.

Accept the kind creatures’ google-eyed invitation to a game of peekaboo in the garden.

Frolic among them, harmonize alongside them, and be still with them. Time stops in Wonderland.

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